You’re getting warmer……. or are you?


Wouldn’t it be useful if the game of life was played a bit like that game we all played as children where you are trying to find a hidden object and someone says ‘ you’re getting warmer’ or ‘you’re getting colder’ depending on how close you are to your goal. I think we could do with a booming voice from the clouds telling us the same thing as we make our decisions – just to give us a clue whether we are moving in the right direction or not. Whether we are doing the right thing.


A voice from the clouds might help……….

Sadly for most of us this doesn’t happen.
If we accept the idea that we set ourselves the experiences and challenges that we encounter in our lives before we are re-born – but that we promptly forget what we were hoping to achieve once we are here,  a little celestial signposting wouldn’t go amiss. If we don’t accept that idea – just try!


Any sign might help

I think, in reality, that is exactly what we get, but sometimes we are too busy to notice, or too committed to a course of action, to see what we are feeling – and I think it is a feeling we get. Maybe one might even say a profound knowing.

For some people, even from a very young age, they are clear about what they want to do with their lives. They have a strong feeling of being drawn to a certain role or way of life. If this isn’t what you experience, if you’re still waiting to work out what your calling is, maybe it’s because this time round your challenge is to experience many different aspects of life. Different careers, relationships and places to live all bring their own experiences. But some people get a very strong feeling where their destiny lies very early on.
When I was about 13 I was walking down the stairs in my family home one evening and the TV was on in the sitting room. Nobody was watching it but I could see the TV set through the open door. It was a programme about a University in America where the students and staff all practised Transcendental Meditation (TM).  At that point I had never heard of TM but somehow I ‘knew’ that this was what I was going to be doing with my life.

Only a few months later a new boy joined my school and we quickly became friends. I met his mother who, was an amazing lady, and very different from anyone else I knew. It turned out that she did TM. She told me all about it and I learnt soon afterwards at the age of 15. I subsequently worked for the TM organisation in various roles for many years as well as becoming a TM teacher and teaching hundreds of people. I have now been practising TM for over 40 years.

It was while I was doing my TM teacher training that my next very clear experience of ‘knowing’ occurred. The training to become a TM teacher is very rigorous and involves full time residential courses of many months duration. While I was attending one of these courses someone else on my course received a letter from home which they opened and began reading over lunch. It turned out the letter contained news that the biggest TM Centre in London was losing its top teachers as they moved on to other roles. This caused quite a stir around the table and the question was asked ‘Who will take over?’ A little voice in my head said ‘You will.’

At the time this was absurd. I was just finishing my training and didn’t even live anywhere near London – but by the summer of that year I had been invited to teach at this centre in London and I moved down to take up my new role in the October of the same year.


I just knew this was going to be our home

I heard the booming voice shouting, ‘You’re getting warmer’ again when I was house hunting about 16 years ago. In those far off days you still received details through the post, I know, weird or what? One day a very badly photocopied sheet of paper arrived showing a very blurry and very tiny photo of a farmhouse. It was outside the price bracket we had set ourselves by a large margin, but I just knew we were going to live there. I showed it to my husband who discounted it as both too expensive and not a house that appealed to him. I can remember thinking, ‘well this is going to be interesting,’ as I just ‘knew’ we were going to be living there. I still don’t quite know how I managed to organise the finances for the house, or indeed talk my husband into it,  but we lived there very happily for nearly 15 years.


We even bought this ruin on that inner knowing

That booming voice from the clouds has been present at many times in my life, whether it’s been drawing my attention to people I should get to know, places that shouldn’t be missed or articles or books that I need to read. I just hope one day it won’t be saying ‘You’re getting warmer’ but ‘You’re there.’

Do let me know your ‘booming voice’ moments, when the Universe has got your attention. I’d love to hear your stories.

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