Your gut knows best. Keep your head out of it!


‘I believe in intutions and inspirations. I sometimes feel that I am right. I do not know that I am.’  Albert Einstein

In all areas of life developing your intuition is so important. In my experience, it can be at its most important when you are dealing with and evaluating other people.

If you have ever been in the position of interviewing people for a job you, I’m sure, will have had the same experience as me. I was in charge of HR in the consultancy that I ran with my husband in the  90’s and therefore got many opportunities to meet people and evaluate their suitability for a whole range of roles within our organisation.

The thing that I learnt over time was that we can often put our intuition to one side, when we feel under pressure to fill a role, and let our heads take over. Big mistake! It is the worst thing you can do. Often there is something about someone you don’t feel comfortable with and yet, on paper, they seem like the best candidate. So you try to justify why you are not taking any notice of the niggling doubts that are lurking in your gut.


Maybe not team players? Just a hunch!

Yes, it’s definitely in your gut where these intuitive feelings make themselves known. If you ignore them you will find that whatever it was about that person that made you feel uneasy that will be the thing that you spend nearly every day addressing once you employ them. If you had the feeling in your gut that, for your organisation, they were a bit uptight, or tense, or even conversely, too easy going and lacking in attention to detail, these will be the issues that you regularly have to deal with. I learnt this very quickly and began to trust my gut feeling about how someone would fit into our company. Whenever I ignored my intuition it only caused problems further down the line for everyone else!

Believe me, it is better to have someone less experienced that you feel is a good cultural match than someone who has all the experience you would love but you just don’t feel comfortable with them.


Great cultural fit! Maybe a bit laid back…..

Of course,  your gut feeling shouldn’t just be followed in a business environment. Not everyone spends their days in interviews and reading CVs, thankfully, including me these days. But those skills and lessons have stayed with me and I know not to ignore my gut feelings in any area of life.

Your gut knows the answer well before your head has even had the chance to weigh up all the pieces of information, that’s how good it is. The more you allow yourself to be guided by your feelings and to trust they are right, the more confident you will become to use this very important and powerful tool in every aspect of your life. Ignore it at your peril as I’m sure you have already experienced.


Finding amber on the beach? Use intuition – and your eyes

Of course, it isn’t just in evaluating your interactions with other people that your intuition or gut feeling is important. It is vital in all areas of life. Sadly it can all too often be something that we recognise in retrospect. We might find ourselves saying ‘I knew that wasn’t a good idea.’ or ‘I had a feeling that wouldn’t work out.’ Or on a more positive note, ‘ I knew I would get that job, move into that house, marry that person, the list can go on and on. It’s amazing how many people claim to have known, on their first meeting, that they had found the person they were going to marry. They just had a feeling about it. I can’t honestly say that was my own experience but I have found my gut feeling making itself known in many other areas over the years.

I’ve mentioned before, in one of my posts, that many years ago, when my husband and I were house hunting, I found a house that I just felt, in my gut, was going to be our home. My husband initially didn’t like the house and I can clearly remember having the thought ‘Well it will be interesting to see how this pans out because I know we are going to live there.’ And live there we did!


How come he couldn’t see the obvious virtues?

It’s really important to nurture this gift of listening to your inner voice, your gut, your intuition, your feelings,  a hunch, whatever you want to call it. If something or someone doesn’t feel right for you then it isn’t. Move on and see who walks through that door next, or what other doors open up for you.

Again Einstein has it right;

‘The only real valuable thing is intuition.’

Let me know what experiences you have had of going with your gut  feeling to good effect!

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