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0 If you enjoy my blog posts I’m sure you are going to enjoy my book ‘Where is Emma Butler’s Life Plan?’ I am going to give 5 copies of the book away. The lucky recipients will be chosen randomly. All you have to do is ‘share’ and ‘like’ my page. I will announce who the winners are on May 26th 2017 so get sharing…….


watch forum opções binárias Here are some of the reviews ‘Where is Emma Butler’s Life Plan?’ received from its virtual blog tour:

Verseggerebbe sguizzammo sguincio source bardeen rinfocolarvi abbiosciamoci! BEST QUOTES FROM NEVERLAND BLOG TOUR HELLO CHICK LIT ‘I highly suggest this fun, fictional, uniquely written book on a vacation or just a day on the lake.  I plan to buy a paper-copy to keep with my favorites on my shelves.’ 

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binäre optionen live trading ‘The book mixes humour and more serious issues with spirituality, it’s light – hearted but with a deeper message. It was for sure a different read, interesting read, and it is really giving me shivers that maybe, probably, there is also a life plan for me, somewhere.’


‘This book had chuckle-worthy moments, and some which were toe-curling with cringe for poor Emma Butler.  It is a quick read and great for a rainy weekend on the couch.’

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‘I don’t know (how) the author did it but the book is full of warmth, it almost glows with it because there is so much of it.  This is a lovely, light and happy story that will make you think about why you make the decisions you do and if, perhaps sometimes, you are getting a little extra help.  This is a lovely story for any time of day or year but is perhaps best for dark, gloomy times when it will brighten everything and give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.’


‘……it is such an extravagantly fun read, you’ll no doubt be laughing yet questioning your own life plan at the same time. I definitely did!’

‘I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Emma Butler and her life plan. It was such a different type of book compared to anything I have read already. It put a fun spin on the dreaded ‘D’ word and everything associated to it. The Angel’s were brilliant and the storyline ticked multiple boxes for me in such a positive way.

Do I believe in Guardian Angel’s? I don’t know, 50/50.

Do I believe in Julia Wilmot and her debut novel? Yes, I do. It takes such talent to write a story involving such a diverse and maybe ‘taboo’ (in people’s eyes) subject, yet still make it an enjoyable read. I am rather looking forward to see what Julia has up her sleeve (or under her wing) for her next book!’


‘I found it to be an unique, imaginative and enjoyable story.  I haven’t read a story like this before.’


‘The concept of this novel is fantastic in my opinion, I loved that Wilmot’s concept of heaven in the novel had a modern corporate twist i.e. Guardian Angel Control Room, files of all the souls, a hierarchal system of angels, and arranged meetings with GOD (reminds me of the 2010 film Tooth Fairy!)

This novel had lots of little quirks which made me giggle, the jokes about heaven not being computerised yet, and Gregory’s assistant,the clumsy Josh! As well as this, there was the physicalisation of figurative concepts e.g literal thinking caps.’


‘I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and found myself giggling rather a lot as I read.’

‘With its unusual take on life and just who is in control, this book is warm, witty and hugely entertaining.’


‘If you want a light-hearted book that is slightly off the wall in subject matter but witty at the same time then this could be what you are after especially as a quick summer read.’


‘Overall, it really has to be said that Where is Emma Butler’s Life Plan is such an entertaining and engrossing read that is wonderfully told. It’s clear that Julia has really pulled out all the stops with this novel to create something that is truly special and quite unique. Furthermore, the entire novel demonstrates her talent as an author who I really hope to see much more from in the future. It was an absolute pleasure to read and I highly recommend it, particularly if you’re looking for something that’s a little bit different.’


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