The Universe Emails Me Every Day


Every morning I have a heart warming and uplifting experience. I get a ‘Note from the Universe’ in my inbox. I’m not alone, over 700,000 people share this joy with me. It’s such a great way to start your day. The Universe speaks directly to me. It knows my name and everything!
These wonderful missives are brimming with inspiration, humour and encouragement and I suggest if the Universe isn’t yet sending you a note every day you do something about it quick!
Mike Dooley is the instrument that the Universe has been using to deliver these pearls of wisdom each day for the last 15 years.  Mike’s career has been varied. Starting as an international tax consultant he now describes himself as an adventurer and he definitely seems like the kind of guy you’d like to embark on an adventure with, if his ‘Notes from the Universe’© are anything to go by. He is also a bestselling author and his website TUT.COM is a treasure trove of exciting and uplifting knowledge that can be explored at your leisure.



Here are some of my favourite ‘Notes from the Universe’

‘If you just look at all that already exists in your life, all that you already have: unlimited air to breathe, ample lighting to see, music to hear, books to read, stars to dream by, trees to gaze at, floors to dance on, friends to cavort with, enemies to befriend, strangers to meet, woods to walk through, beaches to comb, rocks to scale, rains to cleanse you, rivers to float you, animals to comfort you, you do have to admit, Julia, there’s more of it than you could ever, ever, ever spend.’

But try anyway.
Big shot, The Universe

Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ®

© ®

I also love the little P.S. after the sign off………

‘There’s nothing, Julia, that “thinking new thoughts” can’t solve, make happen, or improve. Wow, sent that one just in time, huh?’

The Universe

And you can thank me, Julia, for thinking up Fridays.

Thoughts become things…choose the good ones!®



Its a wonderful world and the Universe is right behind you


‘When you look around you, Julia, at those in the world who flourish, thrive, laugh, and love; those whose lives are filled with friendships, adventure, and abundance… aren’t they, more often than not, first and foremost, the dreamers?’

You so have it made,

The Universe

Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ®

© ®

Doesn’t time and space rock, Julia?

I particularly like the sound of this one:

‘You know, Julia, possessing fabulous wealth creates a lot of responsibilities. Enormous responsibilities. HUGE.
Something to think about.
Really. Like, for 5 minutes a day in a dark and quiet room, see yourself being really, really responsible with fabulous wealth.
I think you’re up to it.’

The Universe

Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ®

© ®

Hmm – has he been listening into my thoughts?

‘For all of the reasons you might draw someone into your life, Julia, one would never be…

To find their faults.

Not always telling people what they want to hear since the beginning of time,
The Universe

Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ®

© ®

This is how you know it’s really me, Julia. Plus, I’m wearing my tutu and boa, again.

If you’d like the Universe to converse with you every day via your inbox then make your way to  TUT.COM and sign up. It’s free, it’s fun and it’s a daily reminder of life’s magic and your power.

As the Universe promises;

‘If nothing else, please remember, no matter how dark things get, no matter how difficult, if you continue to do your part, the Universe has to do its part – it’s the law, and things will turn around.’

The Universe



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