‘The top ten things dead people want to tell you’ by Mike Dooley


Following on from my post about ‘Notes from the Universe’ I thought you might be interested in a book called ‘The top ten things dead people want to tell you’‘ This is by Mike Dooley, the man behind the ‘Notes from the Universe,’ from tut.com.

This is Mike’s most recent book, published in the last few months. If you’ve read some of the ‘Notes from the Universe’ you will recognise the same accessible and humorous style in this book which belies the importance of his message.

This is not a ‘channelled’ book. Mike Dooley doesn’t claim to be a psychic. This book about death, love and life and is a culmination of Mike’s knowledge gained on his spiritual adventures over many years of teaching and travelling the world delivering his knowledge on the nature of reality.

‘The top ten things that dead people want to tell you’ is a joyous read. It’s warm, humorous and reassuring. The ten chapters cover the ‘ten things’ the dead want to convey to the living, starting most importantly with the fact that they are not dead!

In this first chapter the nature of life is discussed and the ‘whys’ of why we are here. The point of life, the dead want us to know, is to love, to be loved and to pursue happiness. The book describes that we choose the life we experience in order to learn the lessons we felt we needed to learn in this life. Its all down to us!

Each chapter contains a letter from ‘the dead’ that re-iterates the points made in that chapter. Other  topics covered for example are, there is no devil and no hell, the dead were ready to go and that it isn’t yet our time. Unless of course it is!

Although, on arriving in heaven, there is no judgement day there is the opportunity to review the life we have lived, to learn from it, to understand and to progress. From this higher perspective the dead can see that we need to stop living in the past, in fear or as a victim. That as we create our own lives we need to create great ones. A very important message is that if someone from your past, who has died, ever hurt you during their life they are very sorry and want you to move on from that pain to joy.

Just how much heaven is going to ‘blow your mind’ and how it is possible to make your dreams come true are topics covered in the following chapters, all accompanied by letters from the departed.

I really loved this quote’

“Losses are only devastating when you think they’re permanent. They never are.”

Chapter 8 is entitled ‘Life is more than fair.’ At first sight this may seen a challenging concept but Mike explains why the dead want us to know this. Everything happens for a reason, and there are no mistakes in the Universe, just opportunities for growth or learning.

If you are one of the many people who have lost a pet you will be relieved to read in the next chapter about just what a great time they are having in heaven and how much they are looking forward to meeting you again some day.

In the final chapter we see that the dead, from their advantage of perspective, see love everywhere. The dead want us to seek comfort in the following:

  1. Everything is God
  2. Thoughts become things and
  3. Love is all

There are a few areas that Mike decides not to be too categorical about. Do dolphins reincarnate may or may to be something that has troubled your thoughts lately. As Mike says the dead are dead, they are not all knowing. They send the messages of this book on the basis of their experience in the after life, however there are still areas which are unknown to them. Maybe, Mike suggests, one day a book will be written called ‘The top ten things that all knowing beings want to tell you,’ but until then this makes a very enjoyable and inspiring read.

At the end of the book Mike Dooley shares a reading list with the reader. These are the books that over the years have given Mike a feeling of not being alone in the way he sees the world. These books have both inspired him and given him a feeling of peace. Everything from Hermann Hesse’s ‘Siddhartha’, ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ by Richard Bach to Neale Donald Walsch’s ‘Conversations with God,’ which maybe I’ll review another time, for those of you who haven’t yet come across this splendid series.

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