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The Forgetting Time by Sharon Guskin

I had been looking forward to this book arriving. It did not disappoint. A really interesting plot that leaves you with so many questions long after you’ve finished the book.

We initially meet Janie as a single American woman heading towards her 39th birthday. She treats herself to an exotic holiday alone, where she meets a charming married man, Jeff,  who sweeps her off her feet. Just one night of passion on the beach, but the souvenir that Janie brings back from this holiday turns out to be her son Noah.

We meet Janie and Noah again after four years of her being a single parent and running her own architecture practice. Noah is an unusual child. He knows things that he can’t possibly know and talks about things of which he should have no knowledge. The most distressing aspect of Noah’s behaviour for Janie are the nightmares that he regularly has and the questions he constantly asks her, ‘When am I going home and when will I see my mama again.’ He has a phobia of water and his inability to join in at nursery and to alarm the other children with his odd comments cause innumerable problems for Janie.

Janie is at her wits end as his behaviour begins to impact her ability to earn a living and Noah’s happiness. The nursery feels it can no longer cope with his odd behaviour and even intimates that they feel social services need to be involved; a parent’s biggest fear. While idly searching online for answers Janie comes across a scientist, Jerome Anderson, who has dedicated his life to researching past life memories of children around the world. It appears, from his research, that some children remember previous lives and when very young may have knowledge about things they can’t possibly have learnt in this life. They may talk about previous families and the circumstances surrounding their own deaths. Nearly always they want to go back to where they used to live to visit their families again. Janie is hugely sceptical, this is not an area that she has ever thought of or been interested in, but she is desperate and gets in touch with Jerome.

Jerome is now an elderly man suffering from a dementia related condition called aphasia which means that he is progressively losing the correct use of words. He is fighting against time to finish writing his definitive book on reincarnation and children’s past life memories, but his publisher is pushing for a contemporary American example. After meeting Janie and Noah, Jerome thinks Noah maybe that example.

Noah’s supposed memories set Jerome on the trail of finding who the ‘Tommy’ Noah speaks of was, where he lived and how he died.

‘The Forgetting Time’ is a work of fiction but is interspersed with case studies, from a non fiction book called ‘Life before Life’  by Jim B Tucker MD, about children that Dr. Tucker met in his own investigations into past life memories of the young.

I found the book a really interesting read and finished it in two sittings. It is a great page turner which encompasses both the unravelling of a mystery along with showing how far a mother will go to bring peace to her child. Even if that means taking them home to their other mother!

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