Who would take the advice of an 18 year old?


My husband missed his flight home last night from a business trip. This is something that happens to most people, if at all, once in a lifetime. My husband is an old hand and during his explanation of exactly what happens every time the theme is usually how it’s not his fault. There will be road traffic reasons and more often than not over vigilant boarding gate staff who seem unreasonably caught up with one being there on time! Honestly!. So when I rang him last night to remind him to stop off at the polling station on his way home I wasn’t totally amazed when he admitted that he had missed the flight, although I was surprised that I had to call him to find out this information. Maybe he was relying on my psychic skills. Anyway to make amends, I assume, he suggested that we meet up early this morning to enjoy breakfast together at a local haunt as he was now on a very early morning flight back and this time, I assume, he didn’t plan to miss it.

We had the veggie cooked breakfast – but I resisted taking a photo!

Well, now I’m beginning to think that maybe the Universe had a hand in this early morning breakfast. The restaurant was fairly busy with other souls enjoying the treat of a breakfast out. We talked, of course, about his missed flight – usual excuses, the meetings he had over the last few days and the movie I had seen while he was away that had been booked for us to both see but life got in the way as it often does.

At a table next to ours were two friends, or possibly sisters. They seemed to be enjoying  a celebratory breakfast of some kind, a card was given and opened – that sort of thing. I didn’t pay too much attention to them. I started to tell my husband about a conversation I had the evening before with our 15 year old son. He had volunteered that he wanted to have a career that had meaning, where he could help people. In his own words he said he  ‘didn’t fancy cutting people up very much’ so being a doctor was out, and he thought being a policeman might be a bit grim, if TV shows are anything to go by, (which of course they aren’t) and he didn’t want to be a soldier so he was wondering if the life of a spy might be more exciting than the life of a scientist which seemed to be his other option. ( I’ve always harboured the secret wish that he will discover time travel or bilocation – something fun like that – maybe I’ll have to reconsider that)  Anyway, at this point one of the ladies at the other table got up to powder her nose and her companion was left alone. It turns out that she used her time wisely to eavesdrop on our conversation which it turned out was maybe quite useful for her.

As I was telling my husband that I had counselled our son to follow his heart in any direction he took and also that it was very important not to feel imprisoned by his choices. If he started down one road and found it didn’t serve him well,  I told him, he should feel free to move on. It was then I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, that the lady at the next table was  nodding very enthusiastically. Shameless nodding, she didn’t care if I knew she was listening into our conversation. Such brazenness deserves rewarding, so I included her in the conversation. “Don’t you agree?’ I said smiling broadly. She certainly did and was ready to share her story. She told us that she had been in her current role for 11 years and hated it but couldn’t see a way out. I asked her what her passion was, what would she do if she could do anything. She said she wasn’t sure but she loved gardening. At this point her friend/sister returned and looked quite surprised to see that we had arrived at such a deep conversation on a topic of great import to this lady in the five minutes she had been absent.

Choose a path that makes your heart soar

Our conversation continued and I said I thought it was very important to follow your heart and not continue on a path that you had chosen many years before. ‘Who would take the advice of an 18 year old?’ I asked her.’That was how old you were when you made your choices about the future that you feel stuck with now.’ She nodded and added that her husband was keen to start his own business as an electrician. ‘Why don’t you work together, you look after the back office, the marketing, the paper work, the appointments and your husband goes out on the jobs. You could create a new life together.’ She looked very thoughtful, she began to laugh you could see that her mind was beginning to entertain the possibilities that lay ahead.

I left a little while later, leaving my husband to pay the bill, and hoping that this ‘chance encounter’ (there’s no such thing) might just push this lady to make that important move in her life.

Had my husband managed to make his flight last night we wouldn’t have met up at that particular place for breakfast this morning, although its possible we could have gone elsewhere where there might have been another deserving eavesdropper in wait. Next time maybe……

P.S. When my husband arrived home he told me that as he was leaving the restaurant this lady stopped him and asked him to tell me that she was really going to take my advice. He gave her my blog details. So if you’re reading this lovely lady do let me know how you get on!

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