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I had thought of doing my top 10 pet hates for this blog. I had the list all ready but my teenage son told me it was too negative. It was such a great list too!

I’ll just tell you that Number 1 was people who dot a capital I. Do you want to know what Number 10 was? Oh go on then, he’s at school right now so he’ll never know. Number 10 was people who go out for lunch with you and say they don’t want chips and then pick at yours!!!!!!! Number 4 was a good one. Shall I? Number 4 was friends who are obviously doing something else while talking on the phone to you. Okay I’ll stop now.

So, a more upbeat subject was what was required and I decided to introduce you to my ‘Parking Angel’. I’m sure many of you will already be making use of your Parking Angel but for those who haven’t yet made her acquaintance she can be a great asset in your life.

How does it work? It’s really very simple. Before you set off on your travels you simply ‘book’ yourself a parking space with your ‘Parking Angel.’ Make sure you are as specific as possible. This helps if you are going somewhere familiar and you can actually specify exactly where you want to park. But if you are going somewhere you’ve never been before a more general instruction can be given. Something along the lines of requesting a very convenient space that’s very easy to get into etc.

I’ve been using a ‘Parking Angel’ for years. I probably use this ‘service’ on a daily basis. Only occasionally do I find that my Parking Angel isn’t available.

I have numerous stories that illustrate how effective this is. Just recently I was in Dalston in North East London. We were going to the theatre – in fact I blogged about the performance, take a look if you haven’t already. The theatre’s website said that parking was very limited in the vicinity of the theatre. In fact the theatre was in a dead end street and only had 4 parking spaces at most outside. We really wanted to be close by and so we booked a place. We turned into the dead end street and pulled into the only free space there was. Result!  I can’t tell you what a boost it gives you to have this help in your life. It’s really more than just finding a parking space, it’s that feeling that the universe is responding to your requests. That’s a great feeling. The universe is listening.

A few years ago I was making my way to a nearby town to deliver several big bags to a charity shop. For some reason I had forgotten to book a parking space until I was almost there. There is parking right outside the parade of shops where the charity shop is found but it is always full and only has parking for about six cars. As I drove up, having only just remembered to ask for a place, there was nowhere to park. I was outraged! I continued past the parade of shops and I have to be honest I was ranting a little at my ‘Parking Angel’. I knew I was a little late asking for a space but I was very disappointed. I was speaking out loud asking what was going on etc etc. I went to the top of the road and turned round at the roundabout still muttering away. As I got back to the parade of shops there wasn’t a car in sight! Every single space was free. I said ‘sorry’ – honest.

This is something that I share with friends. Of course some think you are mad and some try it themselves and find it works. Arriving at a local restaurant some time ago to have dinner with friends I remembered to book a place right outside. I was the last to arrive and my friends asked me where I had parked as they had had to park a long way away as they had found it difficult to find a place. They couldn’t believe that I had found a place just opposite the restaurant. I told them it was because I had booked a space before setting off from home. They laughed as though I was joking. I told them I was not. Some weeks later I met up with one of my friends from that night and she whispered conspiratorially to me that she had been trying it herself and was amazed to find it worked.

An important aspect of this is you have to have trust in the process. Don’t be dissuaded by other people in the car telling you that you’ll never get a space in a certain road or ‘not to bother trying down there’. If you have booked a space trust it will be there.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on. If you have been acquainted with your ‘Parking Angel’ for years let me know your best story. Can’t wait to hear of all your successes.

By the way Number 6 was people who say they are vegetarians but eat fish. Okay that’s it I promise.

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