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Do you ever visit a psychic when you are wrestling with some particularly troublesome time in your life? Perhaps the odd trip to an astrologer when you are feeling a bit stuck and want to know what the stars and planets hold for you – and how quickly? Maybe you love the idea of numerology? Does your date of birth hold all the secrets to your success or lack of it? Many people who embrace following a spiritual path use a number of tools to help them on their way. Along with meditation, yoga, healing techniques and affirmations we may also look to people who we think may have more knowledge than we have about our futures.

It can be so reassuring to be told by a tarot totting psychic that your future is bright. Mr or Mrs Right is just around the corner, abundance is in the cards. There’s nothing wrong with that is there? You emerge from your session feeling uplifted and positive. You skip off down the road and the world looks shiny and full of promise. You can relax, the Universe has it all sorted on your behalf. That all sounds fine and dandy, surely?


All is sweet in the garden

I’ve visited my share of intuitive healers, psychic mediums and astrologers both western and eastern. But I can’t say that I have ever made a decision based on anything that they have told me. What a waste of money you may think. You go and see these people and yet when they tell you something about your future you just carry on as usual? Is that sensible? Well, yes I think it is.

In the late 1980s I had an astrological reading with an eastern astrologer, a Jyotishi from India. At that time I was teaching Transcendental Meditation in the north of England but was planning a very imminent move to London where I had been invited to join a team of teachers there in a large centre. I was interested to hear how this was going to go. The Jyotishi agreed that this move was definitely there in my chart. He pronounced, very confidently, that I would start my new role on October 18th. As this reading was taking place in May and I was planning to move within a few weeks I questioned him closely on this start date. He was adamant that although I thought I was going soon there would be various reasons why it wouldn’t happen as quickly as I had hoped. Well, as I said I did not deviate from my plans as a result of his predictions. I basically ignored him as what he told me didn’t fit into what I was planning. One thing after another came up to delay my move and on the day I finally made it to my new teaching centre I noted with some surprise that it was indeed October 18th.


Maybe there are no shortcuts!

In reality we only hear a portion of what we are told. Many years ago I sat in on an astrological reading for a colleague. My role was to take notes so that my colleague could just immerse herself in the experience of listening to her reading. I was amazed at how differently we interpreted the reading after the event. My colleague emerged from the room and immediately gave her version of what she had just been told. What she said wasn’t totally incorrect but the emphasis she gave it was out of proportion to the emphasis the astrologer had given it. Indeed the areas to which he and given the greatest emphasis were almost unmentioned. I said the only thing possible in the circumstances, nothing! So we hear what we want to hear. We really are only able to take on board anything that reinforces what we already believe about ourselves our hopes and our capabilities. If a psychic or astrologer tells us something truly surprising that doesn’t fit in with what we were expecting to hear we tend to push that to the back of our minds and grab onto the things that meet our expectations.
However, I also know people who take a very different view. There are people who use a reading from a psychic or astrologer as an excuse for inactivity. They may be told that there is an area of their astrological chart that has some problematic issues. The terms malefic influences, retrograde movements, debilitated lagnas all sounds rather worrying. I’m no expert on astrology, as the incorrect use of those terms will undoubtedly tell you,  and although I do believe the planets have an influence on our lives I do think we need to take responsibility for our lives too, otherwise we can create a self fulfilling prophesy. The risk being, not least of all, that psychics and astrologers vary in their expertise. Maybe your astrologer has missed some mitigating aspect of your chart that negates the effect that he has explained to you about your chances of having a happy marriage, great career or healthy life. Perhaps your psychic is just having an off day and not much is coming through very clearly when you visit. Therefore it would be foolish to allow your life to be guided totally by what someone else, with supposed greater knowledge, tells you. Follow your inner guide and see if what you are told fits in with your own intuition and then watch with amazement as the things that have been  predicted actually take place without any help from you. That’s really the only way of knowing that all this has a value. It shouldn’t need any help from you to bring it about.

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