Living Crafts at Hatfield House – some wonderful finds


Well everything from a blacksmith and his forge, basket and lace makers, potters, wood turners, jewellers, furniture makers, iPad amplifiers made out of wood, painters, hat designers, makers of artisan chocolates, whisky, biscuits plus many more besides all took stands in the large marquees dotted around the beautiful grounds of Hatfield House in Hertfordshire this weekend at the Living Crafts event.

The weather was sunny and warm which I don’t think did much for the sales of the hand knitted jumpers and mohair socks but was great for the rest of us. There was stand after stand offering handmade jewellery in almost as many styles as stands. It’s amazing to see how some stands are mobbed with visitors while other exhibitors stand forlornly behind their tables trying not to look desolate.

There were two stands that really stood out for me. The first was Massagical run by a lovely smiling and engaging lady who was getting people very involved with trying her range of natural skincare products. She really knew what she was doing as she worked her audience handing out her Massagical Gold exfoliator followed by her moisturising Massagical cream. It certainly worked for me and I happily went home with a jar of each.

paraben free and vegan friendly

The other stand that really intrigued me was The Big Cheese. Now generally I’m dairy free but what really caught my eye was their ‘The Big Cheese Making Kit’ for making Halloumi. Again a very friendly lady made her way over to me and  extolled its virtues. Somehow the idea of making my own Halloumi sounded fun so I bought a kit. The  friendly lady told me that they are about to bring out a kit with twelve different cheeses you can make. Sounds great doesn’t it ?  

just add milk


Before we left of course we bought a mandatory bag of fudge. I think I’ve realised that I don’t need more stuff. How many pairs of earrings can you wear? I’ve no more space on my walls for paintings and I’ve got baskets piled high in my garage. But it’s nice to look and admire the skill of these people. My only gripe was the hog roast didn’t really cater for vegetarians but maybe I’m missing something!

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