I just love ‘Deliciously Ella’ 


I’m sure by now there can’t be many people who are interested in natural healthy eating that haven’t heard of the phenomenon that is Ella Woodward and her fabulous website Deliciously Ella or her first eponymous recipe book or even her delightful app.

I came across Ella months ago and couldn’t wait to get her recipe book. It suits me very well as its a book full of delicious recipes, not surprisingly, that focuses on real natural whole foods. I’ve tried so many of the recipes and most have become firm favourites already. I always have a loaf of her Superfood Bread in the freezer and my favourite lunch is Ella’s ‘Mexican quinoa bowl’ that combines a bowl quinoa with some yummy guacamole, a fresh salsa with black beans and a lovely dollop of cashew cream. For anyone trying to avoid wheat, dairy and processed sugar this is a great book. It’s also vegetarian but if that’s not for you you could just add the meat or fish of your choice. I am a vegetarian so for me it’s perfect.
She has a huge range of sweet healthy treats too. So although you aren’t having processed sugar she has devised a lot of desserts and snacks that utilise things like medjool dates and maple syrup. I have found that I have moved over to buying maple syrup and nuts in bulk! Last night I made a batch of her ‘Ultimate Energy Bites’ that I found on her app. It was a good job that I photographed them very quickly as they disappeared in a flash. Simply a combination of ground nuts, dates and other energy packed seeds and coconut oil and raw cacao powder. Oh they were good. 

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