Huge Excitement – my new book is available on Amazon


Well, this is a day I have been working towards for a very long time. I started writing ‘WHERE IS EMMA BUTLER’S LIFE PLAN’ 20 years ago and finished it a few months ago! It’s now available on Amazon and I’m really excited.




I have to hasten to add that I have not spent 20 years writing this book. There was a very long time while the book languished in a file on my computer. During the early years of motherhood I didn’t write anything. I know real writers wait until the baby is asleep and then they write throughout the night. I didn’t do that. What a slacker eh?

I came back to the book a few years ago, read through what I already had, and discovered that it was a very interesting experience. I found myself laughing at my own jokes and admiring passages as though they had been written by someone else! That’s what convinced me to revisit and indeed finish it. I was enjoying reading my own book. How embarrassing is that to confess to?

But even that wasn’t all plain sailing. To actually sit down and write is really one of the most difficult things to do when the bins need emptying, the cushions need plumping and Facebook needs attending to. I have my husband to thank for the question he constantly asked, ‘How are you getting on with your book?’

It niggled me sufficiently that I finally sat down at my computer, had a scary moment when I couldn’t immediately locate the correct file and then remember the password that I had thought it merited all those years ago, and eventually started writing again. I loved it. It still took quite a long time to finish it but I eventually got there.

My first reader was my fabulous Fairy God-daughter before the book was even finished. She was away in Australia and I would send her a chapter every night and every morning I would find an email awaiting me saying, ‘More please.’ It was very encouraging. She eventually caught up with my output and had to wait for the last few chapters to be written.

The whole process of publishing a book has been a big learning curve and one that my husband has had to undertake much more than me. Having nagged me relentlessly to finish it, he then jumped in and researched the best way to publish it. I found a great book cover designer, basically by browsing through my own bookcase and pulling out the books that I liked the look of. Mark Ecob of Mecob, (do you see what he did there?) agreed to design a cover for me and I was so excited when I saw what he had done.


Mark at Mecob did a great job on the cover

‘What’s the book about?’ I hear you shouting rather impatiently! Well, the plot takes place in both the earthly and heavenly realms. There are a lot of angels and they get into quite a stew when they think that Emma Butler has failed to achieve anything of import in her ‘Life Plan’ when she is only days away from her ‘recall’ date. Much confusion ensues and the question of free will looms large. Is it fair to involve Jack in their mess or have they got it all wrong? You’ll have to read the book and find out!

I have to thank Dr. Harriet Devine, co-editor of Shiny New Books, who gave me a lovely quote which I’ve emblazoned across the back of the book. I was very nervous about letting Harriet read my book as she is retired Professor of English, but she was hugely kind and encouraging in her comments.





Thanks to Harriet for her quote!



If you don’t like real books, you can download it from Amazonas an e-book instead. I hope you like it. If you do please leave a comment here and a review on Amazon. I would really appreciate it. I might even write you into my next book, which is already underway. Watch this space. Hopefully, it won’t take 20 years to finish this one.


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