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In our house we started using our Magic Box  many many years ago. So many years ago in fact that I can’t remember where I first came across the idea. But researching its origin for this blog it would appear that most people credit Esther and Jerry Hicks  with bringing this idea to the world in their book ‘Ask and it is Given’.  The Hicks call it a ‘Magical Creation Box’. We like ‘Magic box’ but it really doesn’t matter what you call it.

The first thing is to find a lovely box. For us this has always been important. A really lovely sturdy box to hold your treasured desires and one that makes you feel good every time you look at it. For years we have used a box that we acquired when we bought a large silver alms bowl from Garrards.


This has served as our Magic Box for many years

But I know some people just use a shoe box or even an empty tissue box and maybe decorate it themselves. But it should be something you feel good about.

Is a pretty cottage garden your heart’s desire?

So what do you do once you have your Magic Box? You fill it with pictures of things that you wish to let the Universe know you desire attracting to your life. You look for pictures that represent your desires. It might be a picture of a style of house you want, a holiday destination you’ve always wanted to experience, a happy family life, a great partner, a new kitchen, good health, a great job, a fertile allotment, a pretty garden,  anything and everything. It’s a bit like creating a mood board for your life but in this case you snip out these pictures wherever you find them – probably ensuring that everyone else has already read the magazine- and pop them in your Magic Box. The Hicks say that the box should have a big sign on the top that says:


We’ve never done this bit but it still works for us. The important part of this process is you have to know with every essence of your being that the Universe will deliver. But it’s a bit like posting a letter. You have to do your bit. You write the letter and make your way to the post box and pop it in. But from that point forward you don’t give it another thought that it will reach its destination. You don’t have to know where the postman who empties the post box takes it, how the process of getting it to its destination works. You just post the letter and relax. You don’t have to work out the mechanics.

That’s the trick, just letting go. After that it’s all down to the Universe. We have always kept our Magic Box under the bed – it kind of helps the letting go process for us. Post the letter and forget about it.
A few years ago we decided that we would like a holiday home in Italy. We took a big piece of card and we drew a picture of the house we wanted and listed the facilities and environment we wanted that house to have. We also included pictures from magazines for the finishes we would like in the house, like terracotta flooring, an open fire etc.. We popped them all in our Magic Box and promptly forgot about them. It wasn’t until after we found our house and renovated it that we dug the box out from under the bed and found that our lovely Italian farmhouse completely matched the picture we had drawn.


Maybe a great friend is what your are looking for

I read a story years ago about a man who was also using the Magical Creation Box. He had been looking through a magazine and came across a picture of a lovely house. He snipped it out and put it in his box. One day,he thought, he would have a house like that. A few years later, when he was moving house, this Magic Box was unearthed. On arriving at his new home he opened the box keen to see what he had placed in there. What he found was that his new home wasn’t just a bit like the picture of the house he had in his box, it was the actual house. The Universe really delivered.

We have also moved house in the last year. Our Magic Box had not had many additions in recent years and was actually gathering dust under the bed. With the move imminent we pulled it out and blowing away the dust we took the top off to see what we had in there. We still had the picture we had drawn of our Italian house and the type of decor we had wanted to achieve – all now achieved. The pictures in this box were probably put in 14 or 15 years ago. We had a picture I had put in of us holding a baby. Something we had achieved some 13 years ago now. A lovely photo of some very fluffy hens, which we ended up enjoying for many years until Mr Fox finally visited. There was a photograph of the first Toyota Prius car. I had always wanted an eco friendly car. I had been driving one for 9 years. My husband, who had never aspired to an eco friendly car, had put a photo of an Aston Martin DB9 in the box. This was something I managed to buy him 5 years ago. Lots of desires fulfilled from one box. 

Maybe its time to put some more desires in the hands of the Universe! If you have had experience of the Magical Creation Box do let me know what the Universe has sorted for you.

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