A busy week of reviews, guest posts and ‘give aways’


Monday saw the beginning of my book blog tour for ‘Where is Emma Butler’s Life Plan?’. If this is a new concept to you let me explain. In the same way that an author might travel the country promoting their latest book my book has been on a virtual tour, each day appearing on yet another book review blog site on the internet. Maybe a lazy way to promote your work, but likely to reach more people. ‘Do less and accomplish more’ (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi) is one of my favourite sayings so this really appealed to me. Also you get the added benefit of people who really love books telling you what they think about yours! Yikes!

My blog tour was organised with stupendous efficiency by Jenny at http://neverlandblogtours.weebly.com/

As well as a review I have also been guest blogging on other sites, also organised by Jenny,  to further promote my work. My guest blogs cover all sorts of things from what my inspiration was for writing ‘Where is Emma Butler’s Life Plan?’ to the things that drive me mad and the things I love in the books that I read.

If you haven’t had a chance to read my book yet you may be interested in my book ‘give away’ that accompanies the blog tour. You can find all the details on one of the links below.


So here are the links for the blog sites hosting my tour so far – more to come next week! They are great sites and apart from hosting my blog tour you will find much to interest you if you explore their blogs. They love books and will be full of great recommendations.

Day 1


Guest Post: Why It took 20 yrs to finish my first book


Day 2


Guest post: The first time I said I was a writer


Day 3


Guest post: The importance of expressing your own voice.


Day 4


Guest post: The Inspiration for ‘Where is Emma Butler’s Life Plan?’


Day 5


So please do take a look and take part in the ‘give away’ you may be lucky and win a free paper back copy of ‘Where is Emma Butler’s Life Plan.’

If you can’t wait to see if you win a free copy then ‘Where is Emma Butler’s Life Plan’ is available to buy on the links below…..



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