Bakewell tart of generous proportions and pretty china


A lovely sunny day often calls for a trip to the seaside in my family. I love all things beachy. I especially love beach combing, breathing in the salty ozone filled air and then when eventually the chill starts to work its way into your bones, we are talking about the UK after all, a great afternoon tea.

Of all the meals one can experience out our favourite by far is afternoon tea. It is however quite hard to find a decent tea shop whose idea of an afternoon tea corresponds with our own. This includes being open when you want tea.

Recently we met some dear friends in Aldeburgh and as it was a tad blustery decided to find ourselves somewhere for a cuppa. We found the The Cragg Sisters Tearoom.  A delightful tearoom painted candy floss pink right on the High Street. A very friendly affair. There were 5 of us and it wasn’t looking hopeful that a table big enough was available until a very nice lady customer organised herself and her husband to move to a smaller table freeing up a table to meet our needs. Much polite thanks all round and we found ourselves at last in hope of  tea. The Cragg Sisters know a thing or two about tea and have a very impressive selection of loose leaf teas on offer. We had 5 different teas between us served in delightfully mismatching teapots. The china is delightful and well behaved dogs are welcomed although we didn’t have one with us. The people at the next table however had two so that made up for it.  We ordered too much food as is our habit. The slice of Bakewell tart alone would have served the whole table. The Cragg Sistsers are generous ladies. There were lady Morris dancers sitting having tea at another table so be warned!

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