AT LEAST BUY A TICKET!   Do your bit so the Universe can do its.


In my previous blogs I’ve spoken about the Magic of the Universe. How, as long as we are clear in what we would like to attract to our lives, we don’t need to get involved in the mechanics of how the Universe will deliver it. However this doesn’t mean complete inactivity on our part. We need to be alert to what the Universe is putting in front of us.


If we do our bit the Universe has to do its. This reminds me of the following joke:

A flood comes to a town and everyone is being evacuated to safer ground. One man prays to God to save him from the rising water. A fire engine arrives at his home and the firemen tell him he must leave his house and go with them to safety. He refuses telling them he will be fine as he has prayed to God to save him. The water continues to rise. Hours later the road has disappeared but a boat of rescuers turns up and pleads with the man to get in the boat and accompany them to safer ground. Again the man tells them he is staying put. He has prayed to God and he knows God will protect him. The rain continues and the water rises so much that the man has to climb onto his roof. Hours pass with the man sitting on his roof in the rain.  With the waters getting higher and higher a helicopter arrives and the rescuers shout out to the man that he must get onboard. Again the man refuses. The helicopter leaves. Finally the torrential water washes the man away and he loses his life. On arriving in heaven he remonstrates with God, ‘I prayed to you to keep me safe and you didn’t.’ ‘What do you mean’ says God ‘ I sent you a fire engine, a rescue boat and a helicopter.’

We still have to take action from our side. The Universe may move in mysterious ways but we need to recognise those ways and grab the opportunities that come to us.

Although we don’t need to get involved in the mechanics of how the Universe will deliver, we do need to do our bit. It’s like the man who prays to God every night ‘please let me win the lottery’. Every night the same prayer, until one night as he is kneeling by his bed God answers, ‘Meet me half way, at least buy a ticket.’


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Use your Magic Box to clarify your intentions

In my blog about creating a Magic Box I spoke about a man who had put a picture of a house that he would like to own in his Magic Box. He forgot about the details but was engaged in the process of looking for and eventually buying a house. It wasn’t until he came across the box when he moved into his new home that he realised the Universe had delivered the exact house he had put in his box. The Universe gave him exactly what he wanted but he did the foot work of looking for and buying the house when it came onto the market.

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Walk through the doors that open in front of you. Take the path that appears even if you’re not sure where it is going. Believe that if you do your bit that the Universe knows exactly where that door and that path lead. It’s important not to restrict your choices. Sometimes we put out the desire but secretly we have decided how we think that whole thing might pan out. That is not the way it works. We really only have to focus on the result we want but don’t limit ourselves to it being delivered in a particular way.

Don’t forget the Universe is an expert in these things. The Universe knows the bigger picture. How often have you found yourself thinking back to events that were confusing or even unwelcome at the time and realised that it all turned out for the best.


Remember everything turns out alright in the end. If it’s not yet alright it’s not yet the end.

And ………………don’t forget to buy a ticket!

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