Are we really all in this together?


I’m not sure about you but I know a lot of my friends are very concerned about the expected additional austerity measures promised by the newly elected government. People have been sharing information about a proposed protest march in June against further austerity because it’s felt that people have suffered enough and there is little more that can be withstood by the most disadvantaged in the country. But we are told by the Government that we are all sharing the burden of this together. 

This photo of boxes of champagne being delivered to number 11 Downing Street would appear to belie this promise. I’m sure if pushed number 11 would probably be able to show that they have cut their entertaining budget by thousands – at least I hope they would, but for a Governement so well schooled in the dark arts of spin and public relations you’d have thought someone would have put on the delivery note ‘ please deliver to the back door’. 

Maybe if we are not sharing the austerity burden in quite the way we would like we could all turn up at number 11 and see if they’d like to share the champagne. 

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